Civil Rights Litigation

There is no excuse to be treated unfairly as we all deserve a fair chance to go about our days as law abiding citizens. But as we know that isn’t always the case as civil rights violations do often occur. We want to hear your story if you feel that you have been the victim of a civil rights violation.   Was it at work, school, at home, or with an interaction with the government? We want to discuss the facts and how to bring justice to your situation.

There are various alternatives to handle a civil rights dispute which include filing a claim with the government, filing a private lawsuit in civil court, or resolving the matter through informal negotiations. Depending on the issue we will investigate your legal options in order to return justice.

Violations of civil rights create mental stress, irreversible memories, and horrific experiences that should never be tolerated. Do not prolong your case if you feel that your rights have been authentically violated.

We want to help reverse the pain that you endured, protect you from further discrimination, and improve your current situation because no one should tolerate civil discrimination.