Class Action Litigation

Trujillo & Winnick, LLP. is committed to bringing justice and the best legal advice related to securities litigation, civil rights proceedings, and consumer product liabilities. We want to protect our clients who have been a victim of unlawful conduct, discrimination, or injury by a defective product.

There are many reasons for opening a class action lawsuit but in order to establish a class there needs to be evidence of numerosity and commonality. We are trying to find the groups of people who have been affected by a relevant issue and the question of law and fact that brings them together.

Various industries and reasons to pursue a class action lawsuit include:

Securities fraud

Labor and employment

Consumer protection & Products liability



Insurance fraud

Consumer fraud

Energy and Environmental problems

Pharmaceutical and Drug

If you feel that you and other persons have been negatively affected by a product or service you and your class may be eligible for legal compensated if a class action lawsuit opens. Call us today discuss your options with us.