Employment Litigation

Employment litigation incorporates a wide spectrum of subjects and there are various prerequisites that need to be met in order to file a case. Wrongful termination needs to be proven whether it be a retaliation, whistleblower, or defamation of character claims.

Corporations can lose integrity by pursuing immediate economic advancements and it could leave them vulnerable to an employment litigation lawsuit. Your employer could have set up a retaliation in response to you reporting negative practice. Or you could have been funneled into constructive dismissal which occurs when working conditions are so intolerable that you were forced to quit or resign.

You can also have a case if you refused to follow illegal orders and lost your job as a result. Every situation is needs to be analyzed so the the facts could be used to argue in your favor.

We will fight for you so that you reputation won’t be slandered for something that wasn’t your fault. If you sense that termination could potentially arise in your case try you best document the situation. Take note of the days and events to use as evidence in order to bring clarity and organization to your case.

A long time frame of unemployment can affect your reputation, create mental stress, affect your family life. Let us know your situation as soon as possible if you feel that you have a legal case against your employer.