Lender Litigation

Predatory lending can put well meaning people into a vicious cycle that makes it nearly impossible to make ends meet. From pursuing a mortgage or accepting an offer that was engineered to fail which results in so many Americans pain and hardship.

We want to protect you from abusive and unfair practices that debt collectors implement in order to intimate the disadvantage. We want to bring forth the best options so that you avoid foreclosure, win your dispute, or successfully settle your case.

 Trujillo & Winnick LLP. has years of experience and will fight to settle or dispute wrongful lending practices.

Deals go wrong, but it is unfair if the deal was drafted in a way to take advantage of law abiding citizens.

Buying a home or conducting business is a very complicated process and both parties need to assure that deal making is  conducted truthfully and transparently.

We can implement our experience to assure that high risk deals are taken care of fairly and bring justice to those who manipulate the financial and legal system.