Real Estate Litigation

Owning, transferring, or buying property is a sophisticated processes that can create myriad disputes from bad deals to undisclosed information.  There are diverse issues and specific challenges that require expertise to each case and it is essential to be prepared and informed about your unique situation. If you are facing a lawsuit either commercial, industrial, or residential we have the experience and aggression to carefully dispute matters in real estate litigation.

Although pursuing litigation takes time, commitment, and persistence, we assure to put in the work to find out exactly what went wrong with your situation. It’s a process and we can fight for you!

Real estate litigation often requires implementing various methods of investigation and answering complaints within a given time frame.  It is essential to be well informed, organized and to find out as much information as possible on the prevailing issues and opposing party.

Maybe there are alternatives that can be settled prior to trial. We just need the facts and to implement the best legal action possible.

Restructuring financial obligations

Deed restrictions and land use

Real estate contract disputes

Landlord/tenant disputes

Commercial and retail evictions

Zoning and Entitlements

Property tax disputes

Buy-sell agreement and security enforcement

Modifying the relationship of debt and equity

Depending on your unique situation we will be glad to speak with you in regards to your Property or Real Estate issue. We have the experience to utilize our resources to maximize your chances of opportunity.